Hello CBACT Participant!

We are excited that you and your theatre are interested in participating in CBACT's Re-ACT program. Initiated in the fall of 2009, this program was designed as a way for CBACT members and newcomers to more richly connect with each other by way of offering and receiving constructive feedback during our wonderfully complex production process. While CBACT's mission is not adjudication based, CBACT does understand that there are often times when both staff and cast would welcome the eyes and ears of a children's theatre professional at a final performance. Re-ACT was created in order to facilitate a safe dialogue regarding the staged work and provide this desired support.

As the recipient of a "Re-ACTion", your production and team will be receiving supportive and practical feedback regarding your theatre’s play or musical from the perspective of one Re-ACT committee member (the "Re-ACTor"). The Re-ACTor's feedback—intended for either the full team (cast and crew) or designated staff only—is simply one audience member's experience of viewing and hearing your production. The re-ACTion is not a judgment or review. Instead, the feedback is intended to serve the following positive and educational purposes:

Please look over these additional Re-ACT documents: the Re-ACT Registration Form and the Re-ACTor’s Prompts, which the Re-ACTor will use to form his/her Re-ACTion. Submit the completed registration form and submission fee in order to secure your Re-ACTion’s date. CBACT looks forward to collaborating with you, and we hope you find this program helpful for yourself, your theatre’s team, and most importantly, your production as a whole.

Break a leg,

The CBACT Re-ACT Committee