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Thai Airways International Flight The American column also shows the Smithsonian Channel's season and episode numbers. All the 64 people on board the aircraft, including the 5 hijackers, are killed, along with people in the building. As the crew tries to restart the engine, the Boeing SP enters a dive. The aircraft rolls to the right and crashes into an apartment complex, killing all 4 on board and 39 on the ground. On 21 Decembera bomb explodes on Pan Am Flightcausing the aircraft to disintergrate in mid-air and the wreckage of the aircraft to crash into the Scottish town of Lockerbie, killing all people on board and 11 people on the ground. Birgenair Flight Investigators traced the cause of the accident to be a bomb from the Sikh militant group Babbar Khalsa. Swissair Flight

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    Air traffic controllers had cleared both aircraft to fly at the same altitude in opposite directions, and the Legacy's transponder was switched off, making both aircraft's traffic collision avoidance systems useless in preventing the collision.

    This special looked at disasters caused by fires, either on the ground or in the air. Type of aircraft: Airspeed Ambassador.

    The stabilizer failed due to an improperly maintained jackscrew assembly. Runaway Train [n 1].

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    The situation was aggravated by the aircraft being repeatedly buffeted by jet blast from larger aircraft while parked, stressing the cables further.

    On 25 Julya Concorde operating as Air France Flight stalls and crashes into a hotel in Gonesse shortly after takeoff from Charles de Gaulle Airportkilling all of the people on board and 4 on the ground. Type of aircraft: Flight Boeing ; light aircraft: Cessna At the time, it was the deadliest-ever aviation accident, and would lead to major changes in the regulation of flight operations over the United States.

    The poor weather played a part in the disaster, but the fundamental causes of the crash were numerous errors by the pilots of the two aircraft and the airport's air traffic control officers.

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    With over 80% of Alaska inaccessible by road, there are a lot of planes in.
    Of the people on board, 2 passengers die at the crash scene; another dies shortly after in hospital. This includes five Science of Disaster specials, each examining multiple crashes with similar causes. On 17 JulyTAM Airlines Flight careens off runway 35L at Brazil's Congonhas Airport and crashes at high speed into a warehouse adjacent to a filling stationkilling all people on board the aircraft and 12 people on the ground.

    On 12 Junea McDonnell Douglas DC operating as American Airlines Flight 96 suffers an explosive decompression after a cargo door in the lower rear fuselage bursts open.

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    Type of aircraft : Airbus AB2.

    Amazon uk air crash investigation 2016
    His wife, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedyand sister-in-law, Lauren Bessette, are on board and are also killed. On 9 JanuaryComair Flight spirals out of control and crashes nose-first while on final approach to Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

    images amazon uk air crash investigation 2016

    On 2 AugustAir France Flight overruns the runway, travels through the airport perimeter fence and plunges down a small ravine while attempting to land in a storm. On 24 Februarypart of the right-side fuselage of United Airlines Flight rips off, ejecting nine people from the aircraft and causing explosive decompression.

    The crew members overcome a number of resulting failures and make a safe emergency landing back at Singapore with no injuries among the passengers and crew members. Air India Flight

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    1. The Legacy manages to make a safe landing at an airbase, but the Gol jet crashes with no survivors.