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In addition, Graham's administration focused on economic diversification and environmental policies. Upon retiring from the Senate in JanuaryGraham had served 38 consecutive years in public office. He is a member of the Democratic Party. Yulee Mallory Sr. Nominee Ralph Nader campaign. Instead of the abstractions of pinch-to-zoom or swipe or click, we simply ask readers to treat the graphic as a physical object. I mean, we are three dimensional beings, right, in a three-dimensional world. Campaign events are a perfect fit for virtual reality because they can seem so unreal themselves. Butch Otter. You can examine the balcony and the evidence it contained for yourself using our AR experience in the NYT app or on desktop here.

  • The New York Times’ Graham Roberts on why augmented reality is suited for hard news Storybench
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  • The NYT is giving out , more Google Cardboard viewers – TechCrunch

  • How We Augmented Our Original Reporting of the Moon Landing for Its 50th Anniversary.​ The Times’s Graphics, Science and Immersive Storytelling teams shine a new light on the iconic photography from the first moonwalk.​ The Apollo 11 Moon Landing in Augmented Reality.

    The New York Times’ Graham Roberts on why augmented reality is suited for hard news Storybench

    By Patrick Healy, Graham Roberts, Cornelius Schmid and Yuliya Parshina-Kottas​. Jan. 29, The Times has produced a virtual reality film from footage of. Graham Roberts/The New York Times. Launching John Branch's article was not just about this single piece of journalism.

    Graham Roberts portfolio

    It was also about.
    Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Explore the damage in augmented reality. Some of my favorite comments are, This is why The New York Times is so important because they put their resources into this kind of work in the journalism arena. As you crouch down to the speed skater J. Then we built a virtual gallery of the lunar environment by projecting the photos in space and aligning them with 3-D models of the terrain, the flag and the lunar module.

    images graham roberts nytimes election
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    Mapping search data from Google Trends in R.

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    But could we find a new way to show and explain these year-old images? Meet your microscopic roommates and hairy houseguests up close and personal in bug-tastic augmented reality.

    There also, of course, is the question of engagement. Graham emphasized education, and placed a focus on improvement of the public universities in the state.

    The New York Times.

    Graham Roberts Jonathan Corum *Note: Augmented reality features are available in the NYTimes app on supported. Storybench spoke with Graham Roberts, the director of immersive platforms storytelling at The New York Times, to understand how new.

    images graham roberts nytimes election

    Graham Roberts | portfolio. A selection of projects produced or executive produced.

    The NYT is giving out , more Google Cardboard viewers – TechCrunch

    © The New York Times © Grahaphics.
    We asked each athlete to demonstrate his or her form at specific moments. Scale, for example, is incredibly difficult to represent on your phone screen. Retrieved October 9, Celski and the hockey goalie Alex Rigsby — midperformance.

    images graham roberts nytimes election

    The Antarctica Series Four virtual-reality films that take you on, above and below the Antarctic ice.

    images graham roberts nytimes election
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    The nytimes continues to provide powerful, room-scale, AR experiences to tell stories with their latest piece in which the technology was used to uncover war crimes committed by the Syrian government near the capital of Damascus.

    The notebooks are now housed at the University of Florida library.

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    By conjuring athletes as if they were in the room, scale is conveyed by the context of your surroundings. Nominee J. Retrieved July 24, I think what the real question is is how are we going to, in the near future, interact with the media? The Apollo 11 mission returned to Earth in July with boxes of moon rocks and rolls of iconic photographs: a boot print on the moon, a wrinkled American flag, a portrait of Buzz Aldrin with Neil Armstrong reflected in his golden visor.

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