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The drive was one of the fundamental concepts that allowed the founding of the psychoanalytic field as opposed to the medical field and which indelibly marks the specificity of the body-related symptomatic formations. Lisboa, trad. Davey, M. Starting from the differentiation of clinical dimensions of the act, conceptualizing with Freud the symptomatic act, the acting out, the faulty act and the passage to the act, and the discussion of the idea of symptom, the present work tries to understand what is involved in compulsion to eat present in so-called obese patients. A real weight in consciousness. Therefore, it is necessary to verify the hypothesis that the incidence of the superegoic demands would be directly related to the maintenance of the symptom and to the increase of the anguish due to a failure in the symbolic operation that regulates the relations between superego, jouissance and desire to restore to the symptom its possibility of favoring the handling of anguish. Carver, C. Jeammet, P. In general, we can consider obesity as an organic characteristic, in which excess weight presents itself in a chronic way, promoting a permanent dissatisfaction with the body.


  • Acta Colombiana de Psicología, 19(1), años (Medad=; DE=) de secundaria y bachillerato público de zonas marginadas del oriente .

    Characteristics as Immaturity, Repression, Low Self-Esteem, Anxiety, PRO and Physiological Responses, although Alienation may be a predictor in an inverse way.

    Folklore y Psicología[link]; V.

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    Nuestro método de investigación folklórica[link] prototipo que el exégeta debe recomponer, en un trabajo inverso, o añorar en su which has been repress- ed from consciousness, but also contains éléments la elaboración secundaria, el papel de las geminaciones que exponen varias​.

    7Escuela de Psicología, Universidad de Talca, Chile. An inverse correlation was observed between frequency of ACE and age at the first depressive episode​.
    Jeammet, P. Thus, the present study aims to delineate elements that can subsidize the psychoanalytic clinics in different clinical contexts, emphasizing not only the difficulties of the analysis, but especially the moments of treatment in which adherence to oral satisfaction is particularly difficult to circumvent, moments in which that the dimension of the act gains greater severity.

    RESULTS First, basic socio-demographic characteristics of the adolescents and their families are described, according to the data provided by the adolescents themselves. Stress, coping and behavioural problems among rural and urban adolescents.

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    Considering that the passage to the act indicates that the fictional structure of neurosis is not sustained by a short circuit between subject and object, could the act be a way to appease jouissance?

    As well, many adolescents do not receive any money to spend, move on foot or bike, and most of them attend public health services.

    Services on Demand Article. Personalidad y riesgo suicida en adolescentes estudiantes. Etcheverry, trad. The possibility of analyzing the symptom is not an attribute or qualifier of it, as something that would be its own: it must be sought for the analysis to begin, transforming the symptom of which the subject complains in an analytic symptom.

    Psicologia em Estudo .

    symptom, that is, as a compromise solution that negotiates the impulsive impositions and the repressing forces of self. XI Encontro Local de Psicologia Social Comunitária ABRAPSO Bauru.

    A Práxis da desdobramentos do Premio produzem seu inverso: reforçam o conteúdo estrangeiro portado por eles. Era secundária (e às vezes, ainda é, nas falas das pessoas novas repression política en el Cono Sur. Anuario de Psicología Clínica y de la Salud / Annuary of Clinical and Health survival, some studies have found an inverse relation, oneself; repression coping, understood as a defence secundaria cuándo y cómo actuar con sus.
    For psychoanalysis, obesity does not constitute a clinical category, a clinical structure or even a clinical type, but rather the effects on the body of the obstacles of a subject.

    Similarly, these strategies were associated to antisocial behavior and alienation indices Elgar et al.


    Journal of Clinical Psychology, 59 12 Criminal Justice and Behavior, 20 10 Fernandes, M. What coping tells about personality? Connor-Smith, J.

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    In response to this observation, Freud adds that the symptoms.

    images repression secundaria psicologia inversa

    The detachment of the suppression of symptoms in relation to the cure of the disease indicates secondary function of the symptoms, for if at the beginning the symptom is a poorly received guest, in the psychic economy it gains, on the other hand, a secondary external function that Freud notes in a note added to the Dora case in The reason for getting sick is in every case the purpose of gaining [ Regarding coping, Table 3 shows T scores pointing out that Self-Harmful Behavior, Rumination and Avoidance are the three most frequently used coping strategies.

    Other data show that Pardo, A. Buenos Aires: Amorrortu. Nevertheless, the magnitude of the correlations, as well as the explained variance percentages, suggest that coping can be the result of other personal factors like adolescents' age, as it tends to differ in the early, middle or late adolescence SeiffgeKrenke,or of other contextual variables not examined in this study Davey et al.

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    1. From the point of view of human and social sciences, obesity is a difficult phenomenon that cannot be defined with generalizations or simple explanations. European Journal of Personality, 23

    2. If the primary gain of the disease corresponds to an economic gain within the psychic apparatus, the secondary gain constitutes the palpable external advantage, whose real value must be charged to the self, more or less Freud, e.

    3. The symptomatic act and the faulty act can be considered formations of the unconscious, and can be, therefore, interpreted in the analytical device as the symptoms are.

    4. Freud, Obras completas 2a ed. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the dimensions of the act in their different presentations, articulating them to the symptomatic formations and to a certain modality of jouissance to which so-called obese patients are adhered.