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Karl-Heinz Stark listens to all of their stories. Goals and methods Exchange projects are supposed to establish a link between young people of different cultural heritage and support them in learning about each other, from each other and with each other. Rajasekaran, R. Already the ice breaking games on the first day showed, that many communicative, open minded and curious adolescents from interesting countries were guest in Kassel, and most of them were seemingly pleased by the offerings of the city. Enrique D. Berlin - Kontzientzi Eragozpen Mugimendua C. And about his parents, who migrated back to Germany 20 years ago, for the same reason. This created a very enjoyable atmosphere, and might be impossible in a regular German dancing lesson. The value of migration Lunch break in the canteen of the university of Kassel. That was very touching.

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  • Aktion Sühnezeichen Friedensdienste e. V. Kuratorium
  • The Manifesto against conscription and the military system

  • Sozialer Friedensdienst Bremen e.V., Bremen, Germany.

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    Benzam, S. In the afternoon, Denisa and Germo attend their workshops for the first time.

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    Heidenreich, G. She is not the only one. Augustine, G.

    Aktion Sühnezeichen Friedensdienste e. V. Kuratorium

    images sozialer friedensdienst bremen e.v
    Juchhof 1 anfahrt schloss
    Elena N.

    Albert Jacquard demographer, France - Dr. Hans Heinz Holz philosopher, Netherlands - Prof. The inclusion of disadvantaged young people in terms of form and extent was a central topic of discussion. Telling and documenting stories The previous evening in front of the big hall of the Dock 4.

    The Manifesto against conscription and the military system

    They are not going to have much leisure time. Looking back at the preconditions, the short time and the communication problems, shows just how much motivation, ambition and commitment every single one was required to have to create such a nice performance.

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    images sozialer friedensdienst bremen e.v

    Schüler Helfen Leben e.V. SERVICE CIVIL INTERNATIONAL - DEUTSCHER ZWEIG E.V. Topics: EU Citizenship Sozialer Friedensdienst Bremen. Bremen.
    Ossip K. Sathiarij, S.

    Willitzkat - Dr. Rooban, T. While all this you are together with the youngsters of the other group, who shows you — abroad — what they think is interesting, und you show them — in Kassel — what is in your opinion important to see.

    Because in one point all the participants agree: an international dancing and drama project means so much fun that working feels like leisure time.

    images sozialer friedensdienst bremen e.v
    Sozialer friedensdienst bremen e.v
    International dancing, acting, and singing project in KasselRappers, glasses-wearer, right-handeds, motorcycle rider, homosexuals, blondes, meat eater, Muslims, volleyball players, CDU-voters, radio listeners, dark skinned, Romanies, punks, nutella-spooners, disco visitors, Protestants, Lower-Saxons, Italians, inhabitants of Baunatal, coffee drinkers Target group: The offers of exchanges of the Jugendbilungswerk der Stadt Kassel are addressed to all young people aged between 13 and 27 years from the region of Kassel and Nordhessen.

    Prabhakaran, B. Gorelov Tolstoy Society, philosopher, ecologist, Russia - Prof. There was plenty of incentive and opportunity to question the usual structures and strategies and to consider alternative options and methods. Suche starten.

    images sozialer friedensdienst bremen e.v

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    1. In the migration aid office of the Caritas, employees report about the difficulties that refugees are charged with in Germany. Luckily, most of them spoke English rather well, so getting to talk was not a problem.