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Jan 5, Their personal service from each employee is exceptional. Yes 2 No 1. And they are always pleasant and patient with those of us who are now as knowledgeable with tech issues. Advice to Management Shorten the hours. Chase VanderZwan. The job job description indicates "The candidate will be required to answer general and technical questions from end-users regarding navigation of government websites in a leveraged environment supporting multiple accounts. When matters come down to needing a hands on technician in our office, they always send someone the same day. We have been working with VTech for over 15 years and they provide all of our IT, computing and telephone services. Managenet were always available to assist you in any way they could.

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  • Working at VTech Solutions Employee Reviews

    VTECH SOFT IT SERVICES is an upcoming leader in providing IT Services across India. VTECH SOFT provides complete solutions in the fields of Software.

    images v tech it services

    vTech Solution Inc, vTech is a Managed IT Services firm based out of Washington DC with a primary focus on Managed Cloud Solutions and IT Consulting. VTech Services is a privately-held Software Development and Consulting Services company.​ We provide integrated software solutions for clients in market segments such as automotive, consumer electronics, financial services, insurance, non-profit organizations, pharmaceuticals.
    Advice to Management Train your people better.

    They are very prompt with responses and assist you in a timely manner. Their agressive tactics are not just annoying and infuriating, but if your sales people act this way, too, good luck getting new business and retaining the clientele you have. Neutral Outlook. Paul Bischoff.

    Vtech Soft IT Services

    So, I tried calling back, only to be thrown into a voice mail.

    images v tech it services
    Great pricing structure. We as a Company has a diversified yet extensive experiences acquired over the years from supporting our clients as a partner in their business transformation.

    View Our Services. Yes 25 No 3.

    VTech Solutions

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    SinceV-Tech Solutions, Inc. (V-Tech) has provided our Federal, DoD and commercial clients with Analytics, Cyber and Technology Services/Solutions.

    images v tech it services

    ConsultancyServices. V-Tech Computer Solutions (V-Tech) is the company with a dedicated and qualified IT expert professionals in the field of IT Security.

    VTech Computer Solutions VTech Computer Solutions

    10 avaliações de V-Tech Solutions. Visão interna gratuita I had/have no interest in their services or working for them. Their representatives.
    Jessica Benitez. They even setup the computer and had a spot ready for us to use when we showed up.

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    Yes 58 No We will not use another IT company because they are simply the best! Thank you Steven and Kenneth!

    images v tech it services
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    Also compensation and benefits are a plus.

    For the service received, it's an incredible deal.

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    Pros Works with you! Thank you Christian!!

    images v tech it services

    Yes 1 No. I started this job last year, was guaranteed 40 hours and after training only worked 16 hours a week.

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    1. I'm never disappointed when I contact VTech for support of our campus. A bonus is that you get paid holidays.