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Spotlight on SSST: Building a Responsive Community Children's Theatre, November, 2011

The South Shore School of Theatre is devoted to the growth of young people, both on and off the stage.Grease Founder Tara Brooke Watkins believes that "in order to be real on stage, you have to be real in life." The SSST was founded first, to provide students with classes through which to gain skills for the performing arts, and second, to provide a stage on which to apply those skills. We want all students to learn more than they thought they could Drummer Music Man about the performing arts. Not only do we make it our mission to stretch kids on stage and in the "real world" but we hope to offer backstage opportunities as well. Anyone making their living in the performing arts knows that its best to gain as many skills in as many areas as possible. Thus, we teach our young students how to create sets, costumes, and props; we provide internship/work study opportunities for our middle schoolers and teens, and we require our teens to take elective courses that teach technical and advanced performance skills.

The South Shore School of Theatre hopes to be a theatre home for students in the urban Boston area as well as those in the suburbs of the south shore. We know that not everyone can get to downtown Boston easily, but that's no reason why you shouldn't have the highest quality theatre experience! Seated on the beautiful campus of Eastern Nazarene College*, SSST ensures a safe, friendly, family-oriented, yet sophisticated and theatrically-challenging environment that every parent wants for their student who has developed a passion for theatre. The benefit to students of performing on a professional stage, within the positive energy of college life, cannot be overstated. We are thrilled to be able to bring this to our performing arts students through DannyENC's beautiful, T-accessible campus.

We believe that all students should receive training to form the basis of becoming a "triple threat": singing, acting, and dancing. Through our programs, we teach various levels of these elements. All students should, if they want to, be able to audition for any musical, get accepted to a performing arts college, or pursue a career on Broadway! We believe in our students and we give them the classes to help make their dreams come true!

For more information about South Shore School of Theatre, contact them by email or phone: 617-653-2460.

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* While the South Shore School of Theatre is located on the campus of Eastern Nazarene College, we are not affiliated with or sponsored by ENC.
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